How to Get Your Kids Involved with Helping Others at an Early Age

"In about the same degree as you are helpful you will be happy."
- Karl Reiland

As parents, we want to watch our children grow into kind, generous humans who have a desire and a heart for helping others. Finding the right opportunities to facilitate this growth is another thing, especially when you take into consideration the challenges that we have all been facing in the last year.

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Helping Kids in Need Locally

If you are actively looking for a way to get involved or are already engaged in volunteering or donating to a local organization focused on local kids in need, you already know how precious your efforts and generosity already are.

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How to Help a Child in Need in 2021

With so many nonprofit organizations in need of your financial aid, it can be difficult to determine which ones are:

A) Actually helping communities and real people

B) Are using their funding ethically and efficiently

C) Are aligned with the things you're passionate about helping with or people you're passionate about helping provide for

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5 Ways to Help Kids in Need with SHP

Everyone wants to help kids who are less fortunate, but they often aren't sure how to go about it in their own communities. We are a charity that serves local kids and needs help from other community members. There are plenty of things needed to help kids in their homes, and giving what you're able to can elevate your mood. You'll know that you are making a difference in the lives of kids.

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Tax Breaks From Making Donations to Non-Profits

Small and large businesses alike can greatly benefit from giving to the causes they most support. A gift matching or donation fundraiser is a smart marketing move, and it's a strategic way to align employees and customers with your brand's primary mission. The best way to conduct a gift-matching campaign or donation fundraiser is to make sure all collected funds are donated to a non-profit cause/entity. Keep reading to learn how small and large businesses benefit from tax breaks from making donations to non-profits.

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Need Gift Ideas This Year? Try the Gift of Making an Impact

During these troubling times, giving is appreciated all the more. If you’re able to give this holiday season, consider gifts that will make an impact in your community, such as donating to charity or volunteering your time or skills to help others. These gifts have real value as they provide help and support to those in need.

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Volunteering Could be Your New Holiday Tradition

The holidays can bring a flurry of snow as well as a flurry of activities. If your family is ready for the holidays, they are probably also ready to volunteer for a non-profit. Getting into this habit and doing it every year is an excellent idea for many reasons.

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The 2020 Guardian of the Mission

This year, Sleep in Heavenly Peace is pleased to announce the Heather Allen Guardian of the Mission award. This award honors the legacy of SHP chapter founder Heather Allen, her unique contributions to SHP, and the spirit of her service. 2020's Heather Allen Guardian of the Mission has been awarded to JP Wilson. 

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Corporate Gift Matching is Good for the Company

“Corporate giving” is a commonly used term to explain the ways a company gives back to their community, essentially the same as “donating to charity” at a personal level. At the corporate level, it's a means of expressing the company's values and the culture expected of the people who work there. It's not just good business sense, but it also shows their clients they are a responsible company in how they earn and spend money. No matter how well the company is doing, there are always going to be people in need in the community at both local levels and across the country.

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Nonprofit Organizations

What is a Nonprofit?

In the United States of America, there are over 1.3 million nonprofit organizations, and they are known for the good that they do in the world and the positive impact that they have on the lives of others, the environment, the economy, and the strength they bring to our communities. Nonprofits work to educate, feed, shelter, heal, inspire, nurture, and enlighten people throughout the world. They are also, legally, under certain obligations and abide by specific laws and tax codes.

Learn About Nonprofit Organizations & How They Make a Profit

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