A Tribute to Bev Parsons

On June 19, 2018, Bev Parsons received terrible news of her terminal illness. She was given two months to live.

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A Story from Chapter Presidents Wendell and Carol Gramlich

About five years ago, Wendell Gramlich’s wife, Carol, was at a local school in West Wayne County, Michigan, where she worked with a student who was no longer progressing with his school work and was falling asleep in class. Carol found out that over Christmas Break, this student had lost his bed and had been sleeping on the floor. When Carol came home, she mentioned this student to Carol and Wendell’s thirteen year old daughter. Their daughter asked how much a mattress would cost, and used some of her own savings to get this student a mattress. Staff at the school donated a headboard and a frame, and soon the student began to progress in his studies without issue.

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An Oregon Build: Partly Cloudy with a Darn Good Chance of Rain

There's a popular country music song by Luke Bryan that says "rain makes corn, and corn makes whiskey, and whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky." Well sure, I guess. But I do know that rain makes everything wet and muddy, and Western Oregon has a lot of it. You'd hardly notice that though if you spent a rainy Saturday in June building bunk beds with the people who live there because it doesn't phase them one bit.

SHP has added dozens of chapters during the first half of 2018, and one of the side effects has been having too few experienced SHP veterans to attend the inaugural build days for all of our new chapters. This requires everyone in the organization to step up and help, and it also means I get the joy of flying to new places. Such was the case last weekend when I flew from San Diego, California to Eugene, Oregon not knowing entirely what to expect other than that I'd get to build bunk beds for children sleeping on the floor.

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Mike Rowe Teaches Me to Dare to Dream

Dreams are funny. Happy or sad, scary or exciting, they all end when you wake up. Whether you’re relieved it’s over or so disappointed that you promptly make every attempt to fall asleep and jump back in, ultimately the only reality of a dream is starting a new day when it’s over.

Mine is the rare privilege of living my dream long after waking up, and it started with a simple phone call in late September when a faceless voice requested an interview about our charity, Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

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Jordan Allen: My First Bed Delivery

I am often asked why I got involved with SHP. After five years of building and delivering bunk beds to children, it is a question I genuinely appreciate being asked. It forces me to remember why I dedicate my time to this wonderful cause of helping ensure that No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in our Town. Here is the story:

In December 2012, my close childhood buddy, Luke Mickelson, posted on Facebook that he and his family were going to sacrifice a portion of their Christmas to build bunk beds for children in need. Like many of you, I read posts on Facebook each day about opportunities to serve others. But I’ve never had a post have an impact on me and my emotions like this one did. I immediately called my wife, Heather, and let her know I felt strongly that we needed to drive from Boise, ID to Twin Falls, ID and help with this project. My wife was 7 months pregnant with our fourth child, and, with three young children excited for the quickly approaching Christmas holiday, we plenty going on in our own lives. Yet I couldn’t shake the nearly overwhelming pull to go and help. So, with the support of my family, that’s exactly what we did.

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A Not-so-Sleepless Night

There are days when we deliver beds, and we know it’s going to help a child that has been sleeping on the floor, and then there are days when we know because we see it in person. Not long ago, some of our team members delivered a bed and were blown away by the magnitude of what receiving a bed actually meant to a little girl.

This particular delivery was a special one. Our team members arrived at the house to deliver the bed with the same love and respect as always. As they walked into the room where they were to put the bed, they were suddenly struck with an extra dose of compassion. As they opened the door, they saw the little girl who was to receive the bed sleeping on the floor in her makeshift sleeping arrangement. When the girl woke up to find that she was to have her very own bed she was so proud!

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