Helping Kids Who Don't Have a Bed of Their Own

Did you know that kids across the nation are sleeping on the floor, in the backs of cars, or even on piles of clothes? Did you know that poor sleep impacts physical health, emotional well-being, focus, and more? The bad news is that this is a big--and widespread--problem; the good news is that you can do something about it.

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Why Kids Need Sleep

Most adults will tell you that sleep is their best friend--although, for some reason, kids never seem to agree! For many kids, that's just because bedtime is boring or they're not ready to stop playing. But for others, it might be because they don't have a bed to sleep in. Let's take a look at the scientific reasons why kids need a good night's rest (and a safe, comfortable bed, too).

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The U.S. Children's Sleep Crisis and Its Effects on the Next Generation

Sleep is a basic human need, especially for kids who are growing, exploring, and learning about their world. The sad truth, though, is that too many U.S. children don't have beds to sleep in--a crisis affecting everything from grades to health to self-esteem. Luckily, people are finding creative ways to help.

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