4 Benefits of Donating Money to Charity


When you think about donating money to charity, you probably come up with some undeniable benefits--for example, you're helping to change the world. However, there's also a long list of personal, mental, and emotional benefits of charitable donations. You're not just helping others; you're helping yourself too!

What Happens When You Donate?

Let's say you want to make a difference in the world but aren't sure where to start. Someone suggests that you make a charitable donation, and you do some research to choose the perfect recipient. Finally, you're ready to donate money to charity--but what happens after?

Here are just a few things you can expect!

#1: More happiness

Charitable donations make you feel good. Sure, it can be satisfying to spend money on yourself--but studies show that you get more happiness from spending money to help others.

#2: Pure satisfaction

The great thing about charitable donations is that you know your money is going to help change the world. You get the satisfaction of knowing that you could be changing someone's life today.

#3: Tax benefits

It's essential to do your research beforehand, but many charities are IRS-approved. Which means that, in some cases, you can get a tax deduction on your charitable donation.

#4: Setting a good example

Kids learn what they live--so when they see you donating, they're that much more likely to grow up with caring, sympathetic attitudes. (The adults in your life might decide to donate, too, when they see you setting such a great example!)

If you're looking to donate to a good cause, please consider helping build beds for kids in need by making a charitable donation to SHP. We wouldn't be here without generous people like you.